7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Connoisseur Models, 1 Newton Cottages, WEOBLEY, HR4 8QX.
Tel: 01544 318 263    http://www.jimmcgeown.com 
I rate this kit as: 5-3-4

A Matched Pair.           PDF version

finished, painted and waiting for a loadThe kit comes as a flat pack as do most of Jim's wagon kits together with comprehensive instructions, some history and notes on liveries and his usual excellent exploded diagram.  This was the first build of this particular kit, some years later a second set was built for another client and a better method was developed for this, see LNER Single Bolsters.


The only really difficult part is folding up the body and good bending bars are essential.  I used the "hold-and-fold", which did the job easily.


body parts ready for assemblycompleted bodyHere is the basic body and solebars folded up ready for assembly. Once assembled one has a strong, rigid, unit on which to continue, it is a good idea to drill the hole in the centre before starting assembly.


body and remaining components ready for assemblyThe body right side up with all the remaining parts laid out ready for completion with replacement buffers from the spares box for the white metal ones in the kit and WEP coupling hooks and links.    Back to Top


complete 1The kit makes up into a fine model as these two shots shew.

complete 2I did not compensate them because there are to be used together with a load and so each will act as a bogie.  However, I would certainly compensate single mites.



another shot of the finsihed pair

Here is another picture of the finished pair excellently painted and weathered by Ian Hopkins.


The small link chain, comes as part of the kit together with some etched hooks.


All they need now are a few of CPL's newly produced 7mm shackles.

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