7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Connoisseur Models, 1 Newton Cottages, WEOBLEY, HR4 8QX.
Tel: 01544 318 263    http://www.jimmcgeown.com 
I rate this kit as: 5-3-4

One of five wagons being built for a client (the others are: LNER Perishable Van, NER Birdcage Brake Van and a pair of LNER Single Bolsters.  Now back from Ian's paint shop.

Complete and painted.  So what's in the box, or rather the bag as this kit arrives as a flat pack. 

What's in the box?

I began by fettling all the parts, filing off cusps, punching out bolt heads and fitting as much as possible in the flat.


Assembly 1There is nothing particularly difficult about this kit but the one thing I was disappointed at was being unable to fit any form of compensation.  The whole wagon body sits just too low fit WEP units in place however, since it is accurately drawn and etched it was easy enough to get it level with the help of some plate glass.


body 1

The body largely completed, some care is needed to get the frames centered and square but more time was spent fitting lashing rings, which came from Amati.

body 2

Now with most of the fitting done it beginning to look the part.  The chains and shackles are from CPL and for notes on how they are put together see Shackles.

complete side view

Complete view end.And here is the completed vehicle waiting  to go to Ian's paint shop. The buffers are from NMRS and the couplings from WEP.

Complete end view. 

















Back from Ian's Paint shop.


A simple kit to put together and not beyond anyone with a modicum of skill at soldering.