7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

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I rate this kit as: 2-3-4

3 Ton Wagons in o/16.5mm

complete rake

What's in the box?The kit arrives as a flat pack containing a small sheet of crudely etched parts and a sheet of very minimal instructions with no drawings or diagrams.  No wheels are supplied or wire for fixing the brake lever.


The parts need careful cleaning up and fettling if a reasonable model is to be constructed.  Separating the parts from the etch is not simple as the tabs are far too large and make cutting the parts out more difficult than necessary.  The slots for fitting the underframe components in place on the base of the body are far too large.




partsHere are the parts for one wagon ready for assembly.  Care is needed when folding up the axle boxes to ensure they are folded square, do not solder them or the necessary adjustment for fitting the wheels will be negated.  The instructions suggest gluing the axle box covers, small round etchings, but it is easier to solder them in place before folding up the axle boxes. 


Here is the basic body assembled with the corner plates fitted but the strapping is still to be applied.





wheelsThe wheels are simply sprung into place however, it is important to ensure that the axle boxes are fitted as close to the inside of the slots as possible, even then it proved necessary to bend the inside portion of the axle support inwards to make the wheels fit without dropping out.


No couplings are provided or any indication of how or what couplings might be used.


Not for the beginner.