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I rate this kit as: 3-3-4

2 Ton Wagons in o/16.5mm

completeLike the 3 ton version the kit arrives as a flat pack.  However, the difference is that the enclosed sheet of etch is drawn and etched to a high standard and the instructions are quite good with some line drawings to give guidance.  Wheels and wire are included and the axle boxes are quite good white metal castings.






what's in the bag? 


Removing the parts from the etch is relatively easy as the tabs are not too thick.  Provision is also made in this kit for couplings and buffers.






parts 1The wagon body is a very complex fold-up and, as you can see two of the folds failed, not a problem though as it can be easily soldered in place.  In fact one could remove all the sides and ends to bend up and solder in place afterwards, which might make the  job easier.


The underframe is well under way with the brakes and rod fitted and the wheels clipped in temporarily.  The corner plates, couplings and buffers are also ready to be assembled. 


parts 2Here I have the body assembled and the underframe reversed to shew the few parts that are required to fit there.  The instructions are somewhat wanting regarding how the couplings and buffers are mounted and the many pictures available on the Web were not a great deal of help either.  However, these wagons seem to have been so varied and, frequently, much battered and bent, that it is perhaps not too important.



Aside from the complex fold-up, it is not a difficult kit to build.


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