7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Dragon Models, 9 Kingsley Close, Sully, PENARTH, CF64 5UW.
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I rate this kit as: 2-3-4

The First One.           PDF version

first one painted and ready for workThe Cambrian had many 2 plank opens and a number of them were built by outside contractors.  This example is based upon the Pickering built batch from 1902.


This wagon is to be part of a small P/W train for a customer and was eventually painted by Ian Hopkins to look old, decrepit and near the end of its life in Great Western days.


what's in the bag?There is no box, the parts arrive as shewn flat packed together with 2 A4 sheets of instructions printed on both sides.


The only other parts required to complete the kit is a set of split spoke wheels.  I had some in stock, which I think were Haywood and come ready chemically blackened.


The majority of the guidance is in the form of colour pictures of the various stages of construction with helpful captions.


This makes construction very easy and, if one does not make any modifications, the wagon can be built in a couple of evenings.  Even with modifications however, it only took about a day to build.     Back to Top


The body is a complex fold up that produces both the inner and outer faces of the planks.  I used a "Hold and Fold" for most of the bends required.  It is essential that all the fold lines are well "scrawked" so that a definite witness line appears on the other side.


To gain the true thickness of the side planks, one is instructed to solder scrap etch near the outer limits of the sides and ends.  I suggest that a substantial piece of scrap is also soldered across the middle of the long side too or the sides will tend to bow out as mine did.  Fortunately I noticed before soldering and was able easily to slide in a piece prior to soldering up.


modifications to the running gearThere is no provision for compensation and so it was necessary to modify the construction.  Here is a picture of the modifications, including part of the WEP compensation units I used.


The etched marks for centering the wheels is a very useful design feature that helps line up wheels and W irons and get them all square.


cast strapping in paceThe strapping is rather nicely cast white metal and it does make the job easy but I would still prefer I think etched strapping, but then as everyone knows, I am anti white metal anyway.

completed shewing buffing gearThe self contained buffers are excellent too with nice castings and turned steel heads and shanks.


Couplings are not provided for but I always use WEP's anyway.     Back to Top


another wagon in Cambrian livery 1




It awaits a trip to Ian's paint shop and the buffers and couplings dipping in Casey's Gun Blue.

another in cambrian livery 2

The Second One

Here is another built for a client and painted in Cambrian livery by Dennis Morley.

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