7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Connoisseur Models, 1 Newton Cottages, WEOBLEY, HR4 8QX.
Tel: 01544 318 263    http://www.jimmcgeown.com
I rate this kit as: 5-3-4

For the Client to Paint.       PDF version 

what's in the bag?The Connoisseur Pocket Money range of kits includes this rather nice model of a standard BR Brake Van.


Construction is straight forward with excellent instructions and photographs to help the builder.  For anyone with a modicum of experience in etched brass, this should present no problems.


As usual, I got as much as possible done "in the flat" before bending up the sides prior to building the basic box.


The tabs and slots all fit and so it goes together well.  Do remember to file the cusps off all parts that join together or are visible in the finished van.  This will ensure that body under construction 1the parts will fit properly and that visible edges look prototypically square.


body under construction 2Once the body is tacked together and checked for square, it is easy to seam up the joins for the sides and double ends, even with an RSU.  It then makes a strong box on which to fit the solebars, steps and axle guards.


This vehicle will be compensated using WEP units so the axle guards will simply be cosmetic.


adding detail to the bodyTo the basic box can now be added the solebars, buffer beams and all the sundry parts that go to give the vehicle its character.     Back to Top


The solebars need rivets pushing through and, once soldered on (there are fold down projections from the body to locate them accurately) the strapping, angle plates and supports can all be fitted.   There are quite a lot of them and some parts have rivets to push out but the parts fit well and have witness marks to ensure accuracy of placement.


detail of how the steps are fittedThe steps have a very neat and strong method of fitting into slots etched into the solebars.  It is important though to the file down all the cusps and run solder fillets into the bend lines.

compensation detailsAxle guards fitted and compensated wheel sets fitted with some shots of the details of how it was done.  Some 2mm thick brass brakes and compensaiton viewed from undersitestock was soldered across the centre wheel line on the underside and each unit then soldered to it.  A little care is need to ensure it is square.


Notice the replacement lost wax brass buffers housings too.

completed and ready for the paint shopHere is the completed van waiting to go to the paint shop.  The roof is fitted with phosphor bronze strip clips inside as per the GWR Toad.


Extras fitted were WEP compensation units, couplings and Gladiator lost wax buffers.  These are simply the preference of the customer and builder and not a criticism of the kit.


A nice kit to build, it goes together well without problems and allows of easy modification.

Not beyond the abilities of anyone who has built an etched kit.     Back to Top


Jim McGeown's Comments.

You asked for comments but I don't think there is anything that I can add other than thank you.  Pretty much what you said about the kit is exactly what I would say about them myself.  As you said, I designed and recommend the brake van for someone with a little expertise and an understanding of etched kits.


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