7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Dragon Models, 9 Kingsley Close, Sully, PENARTH, CF64 5UW.
Tel: 02920 531 246    chrisbasten@fsmail.net    http://www.taffvale.wales/ 
I rate this kit as: 2-3-4

A Permanently Joined Pair.          PDF version

complete pair painted and ready for workOne thing that is necessary when planning a model railway, particularly where goods traffic is predominant, is to have industries that justify the vehicles being run.


So how can I justify this pair of mites?  Easy really, a furniture factory that imports Baltic timber though Barry Docks.  They will be loaded eventually (watch this space) with roughly dressed tree trunks or large baulks of timber.


These two wagons are not individually compensated, the only such vehicles I have.  One reason was that modifying the kit for compensation would have been unduly complex.  There is an option to build them as two individual wagons too.  However, they are also permanently coupled so each acts as a bogie once a load is lashed across the bolsters.


Well, that's the theory, we shall see one day if the reality lives up to it. The kit is quite straight forward to build and the instructions are clear, the only changes I made were in fitting the bolsters (see below).


setting up for the bolstersThe rubbing plates and centre support are separate etches as are the various stanchions and end corner plates. I discarded the white metal circular bolster centres and turned up a couple in brass.


I also used 8BA nuts with light springs and a brass washer to hold the bolster in place rather than the heavy bolts supplied.


Modifying the bolstersThis picture shews how it was done, the 8BA nut is fitted in the centre hole in bolster.     Back to Top


end viewThis end view shews off the strapping and stanchions well.  The corner plates really do hold the sides and ends together.


how the join betwee the wagons was effectedThis shot shews how they were joined together so as to make a close fit that still has some "give" in it.  Very simple and uncomplicated; a piece of brass strip, bent over at 90° on the left and then sprung with a small cotter pin at the other.  KISS - keep it short and simple.


The springs in the 3 link couplings are going to go though, I think them unnecessary.


the finsished and painted pairThe finished pair painted by Ian Hopkins.  A nice little kit that one can build in a weekend, well designed but requires some experience of etched kit construction so I would not recommend it for a beginner.


There are several other kits lurking in a cupboard by this manufacturer waiting to be built and they look as well designed as this one.


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