7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Walsall Model Industries,  Unit 16/17 Short Acre Street, WALSALL, WS28HW.  Tel: 01922 633718.  E-mail: info@walsallmodelinsudtries.co.uk  Website: https://www.walsallmodelindustries.co.uk/index.php/home-home/?k=2108:1:: 
I rate this kit as: 5-4-4

An Interesting Prototype Diagram T10.             PDF version

finished, painted and ready to join the trainBill Parker's kit for the Signal Post Open (Diagram T10) (he was the original manufacturer of these kits) comes in his usual flat pack.  You will need to add a set of 3' 1½". 8 spoked wheels.  I had some in stock, which I think were Haywood.  Instructions are well up to his usual standard.

components made ready for assemblyThis picture shews all the components after having been made ready for assembly.  I find it pays to do as much work "in the flat" as possible.


All bends were done using a "Hold and Fold" where the bend line has been heavily scribed so that a witness mark shewed through on the reverse side.


The end stanchions were fitted by twisting the tabs through about 30°.  This holds them firmly without soldering, rather like the old Hornby tinplate used to be assembled.


All WEP kits are compensated so there was no need to modify anything.

body completedThe completed body ready to accept the underframe.  The body goes together easily and produces a neat, strong, open topped, box under which the underframe is a tight fit.  The side stanchions are fitted by turning the tabs on the side through about 30° too before the body is assembled, so no solder to have to clean up.     Back to Top


Two shots of the underframe shew off the simple and effective design.

the underframe 1underframe 2There are some nice touches too, like the way the brake units, together with the safety straps, fit together and the tab that folds over then fits into an etched depression on the other side of the floor.


The only parts of the original kit not used were the buffers, as usual.  I replaced them, this time with neat castings from Prestige Models.


One day, Bill will get around to including buffers that match the excellence of his design, until then we shall just have to get used to spending a bit more money to build his vehicles, not that I would object to paying a little extra for good buffers in the first place.

completed 1completed 2Here are two shots of the completed wagon awaiting a trip to Ian's paint shop.


Anyone who has built an etched kit should be able to put this wagon together in a relatively short space of time.


It took me about a day altogether, most of the work being in preparing the various components, filing down cusps and punching out rivets.  Actual assembly is relatively quick and easy. 

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