7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

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The Opens all Need Loads.

A client asked me to build a representative example of a Great Western permanent way train and this is the result. These two pictures (unfortunately my photographing diorama is not large enough to do it in one take) are of a whole train built for a client who wanted a Great Western Permanent Way train for both display and running.

first half of the trainIt consists of a Tool Van, a Signal Post Wagon, an ex Cambrian 2 Plank Open, a couple of Ballast/Spoil wagons and a Permanent Way Toad.

second half of the trainAll bar the 2 Plank Open are in ex works condition but will probably be suitably weathered in due course.

They are all compensated and with replaced self-contained buffers - except the 2 Plank Open - and WEP couplings.


You can see most of them in detail by clicking on the appropriate links above.

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