7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

TEMPLOT designed by: Martin Wynne, (85A Models), PO Box 1199, Stourport-on-Severn, DY13 0YN.


I rate this product as: 5-4-3

An Experimental Section Built with C&L and Exactoscale Parts.

an example of track buildingThis picture shews an experimental length of double track to 31mm gauge with a 1:8 C10 crossover.


Steel rail was used with mostly ABS chairs and part-made crossings and blades from C&L., wooden timbering and parts from Exactoscale so that the switches and crossing are of soldered construction.


The plan was drawn up using Templot and full sized (i.e.: 7mm: 1ft) templates were printed out and used to build the track.


A wagon can be placed on the track and by placing a finger lightly upon it and, closing one's eyes; it can be pushed through the crossover.  It is not possible to tell where the crossing noses are because clearances are nearer to scale.  So it not only looks good but operates well too.


The ballast was glued down using thinned PVA and heavy weights lain on top until it set.  Two problems arose:   1.  The granite ballast took on a definite green hue.  Therefore, find another material for ballast.


 2.  When I took the weights off the track was bright orange with rust!


It was not 7mm scale rust and would have been a continuing corrosion problem.  I painted the rails liberally with Kurust, having first cleaned the rail tops.  The result was fairly prototypical gunge that will take paint or weathering powders easily.


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