7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

TEMPLOT designed by: Martin Wynne, (85A Models), PO Box 1199, Stourport-on-Severn, DY13 0YN.


I rate this product as: 5-4-3

Drawn in Templot to 00SF Standards.

A request from a client to re-produce a plan based upon one of the late Cyril J Freezer's plans to 00SF standards in Templot proved to be an interesting job.   00SF is one of those odd scale/gauge combinations that are the result of typical British compromise over 4mm versus half 0. Consequently, one cannot just follow prototype practice in all things.  Fortunately, Templot has been provided with the necessary data to allow for the compromises.  The original plan, shewn here, was designed to fit a space nine feet long.

CLF planHowever, the client had a little more space available, both in length and width, so we could ease out some of the curves and spread the scene to give a more spacious look.  First, I tried copying the plan as closely as possible by drawing it over a copy of the original plan slightly stretched and it looked like this:

first Templot planNot bad, but it still looks like a 'toy train set' layout with set track type curves.  It has no provision for trap points and gives too little clearance for running round a reasonable sized train.  Additionally, the period was to be on the cusp of the MR/LMS era so at least some of the track work would have had interlaced sleepers.  A few more attempts using Templot produced this plan.    Back to Top

second Templot planIt 'flows' better and, more importantly, thanks to transition curves, has close to prototype curves and turnouts. In fact there are no turnouts tighter than B7's except the double slip, which is 1:6 and perfectly acceptable for its position in the scheme of things and no curve of less than 3' 6" radius.


To add interest the platform is now also slightly curved. There is an interlaced 'Y' turnout leading to the two sidings at the top of the plan and the turnout at the bottom right is also interlaced.  There is room in the engine release for quite large locomotives (so what if they are not strictly to prototype?) and the head shunt would allow for shunting goods while a push-pull came and went.


I took the view that all the turnouts would be operated from the signal box, which avoids the possible need for more traps than just the one from the cattle dock siding at the top of the plan.

final planInevitably, some things got changed before the plan could be utilized.  The double slip had to go due to clearance problems in 00SF so we returned to CJF's original plan of two turnouts toe to toe.    Back to Top


The platform roads were both extended to the baseboard edge for future possible expansion and the cassette system became a fiddle yard with tight turnouts.


My client is now determined to build this layout using the Templot drawings to build exact copies of the track work.  This is to be done by having the sleeper base laser cut in plywood and building the track onto that.

The completed Templot plan was sent off to be laser cut and these were the result so far:

lasercut plan 2lasercut plan 1

lasercut plan 3












In time, I hope to get some pictures of the completed layout to add to this narrative.










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