7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Eileen's Emporium, Unit 1912 Highnam Business Centre Newent Road, GLOUCESTER, GL2 8DN.
Tel: 01531 828009. http://www.eileensemporium.com/  E-mail: sales@eileensemporium.com
I rate this equipment as: 5-2-5

A Superior Bending Jig.            PDF version

the hold and fold jig toolI have made reference in several reviews to this very useful tool.  I bought it from JLTRT originally many years ago but so far as I am aware, they no longer stock it though I am told Tower Models do.


Though I have met the designer, I did not know who manufactured it until recently (Feb 2011) when Derek Russan at Eileen's Emporium E-mailed me to say that he now has the range.


top plate reversedIt is basically a steel plate with an alloy, shaped, top that is held to the plate by bolts.  They come with springs but I junked them early on.


The top plate can be turned through 180 degrees so that one can have a straight line or all the shapes on the bend line. It has enabled me accurately to bend sole bars with not more than 1mm of flange.


Great piece of kit and I use it constantly for almost all bending jobs for sheet metal.  For half etched bend lines, simply line the etch line up so that half of it shews clear from the edge.


Once lined up and the nuts securely tightened down, it can be placed in the vice and a straight edge used to make the bend.  I often use the smooth edge of a large file.


Or, holding the tool in the hands, make the bend on the steel plate of my RSU.


To bend up complex shapes, like tool boxes for instance, use the various shapes. There are several sizes available and at least two of them can be joined together to make a tool for bending very long items.

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