7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: ZTC Control (2009) Limited, PO Box 4454, YEOVIL, BA20 9EZ.
Tel: 01963 441 219  E-mail: info@ztccontrols.co.uk   Web: https://tauntoncontrolsltd.co.uk/ 

Using the ZTC system.

Having used a number of different methods to control model railways from plain DC with a rheostat (many moons ago!) through radio control and infrared (See here Infrared control of locomotives) I decided some years ago to go DCC and bought the ZTC equipment.


It is thought by some to be expensive but, it fits my view that only the best tools are worth the money and I do not like plastic boxes (no surprise there then!).


Since it had been bought for use on a railway that was then but an embryonic thought, (at least now there are some proper plans (Well, there were see Raymond's proposed railway) it was used only to test the odd engine on a yard or so of track or a rolling road.


I was much disconcerted when the system disappeared from view a couple of years ago and that is why I did not produce a review of the system and its kit.


However, I was happy to see in the latest copy of MRJ (Model Railway Journal No: 196) an announcement that a new company has been formed to put ZTC back on the map again.


A quick Google soon found their website and I shall watch with interest as it begins to develop.

ztc control panelThis is the main controller and one of the major reasons I bought into it, aside the obvious one of the ease of DCC control, was that the controls are configured to be similar to those of a steam locomotive; regulator, reverser and brakes.


The steel box is also large, about 22 by 27 centimetres so the controls are beefy and easy to see.


A quality product that reflects its price.  As the new layout begins to take shape, this kit will be installed to control locomotives and I will add more to this review as and when appropriate.


I do not intend to use the facility for point operation as I want to use a proper lever frame for that but I shall be using sound.


However, the facility to operate points may be useful for the fiddle yard. The 517 0-4-2 currently under construction will be wired for sound and that will get written up on the relevant page and I will then put links in from here.

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