7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Duncan Models, 34 Waters Road SALISBURY, SP1 3NX
Tel: 01722 321 041 
I rate this kit as: 2-3-4

A Typical 1900's  Road Vehicle.          PDF version

finsihed, painted and loaded onn a wagon for deliveryI decided that one of a pair of Hydra needed a proper load.  A year or so ago I had bought this kit with a view to using it in a station forecourt or yard but while leafing through some pictures of Loriots and Hydras I came across one loaded with a similar, but four wheeled, vehicle.


what's in the packet?The kit comes as a small etched sheet, white metal castings and bright plated plastic lamps, for which there are provided red and clear brilliants.


Keep the brilliants safe in a bag until needed, they are very easy to lose but are necessary if you want your lamps to look as though they are lit.


The instructions are a photocopy of what looks like very neat hand printing and various diagrams.  They are perfectly adequate and no-one should have any trouble following them.


The one problem I did have was the coating of lacquer on the etches.  The instructions tell you it is there and that it will give no trouble for glue or solder.


Well it gave me a problem with the solder cream I use, which has an acid-less flux in it and so appears unable to clear the lacquer away.


I cleaned it all off with a big fibre brush and had no further problems.  The sharp eyed among will no doubt have seen that the wheels are different.  A quick call to Andy Duncan had a new pair in the post immediately, excellent service.


brass parts ready for assemblyHere are the brass parts ready for assembly.  Only the body etch needs further folding.

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I found that the fold lines did not need any scoring on the reverse.

body mostely made upThe body mostly made up.  It goes together well, with little effort required to make the parts fit.


And here is it as complete as possible until the replacement wheels arrive.  The shafts were completeglued in place using Loctite 480. The wheels duly arrived and were fitted but I forgot to take a picture before it went off to Ian's paint shop.


Here it is back from the paint shop where Ian has done a great job, especially on the lettering.

finsihed and painted 1The top finsihed and painted 2picture shows the finished cart mounted on a Hydra using the same techniques as discussed in Shackles & Chains but this time including ropes too.


The method was adapted from pictures of similar loads in Atkins, Beard & Tourret.




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