7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by:  Andrew C Stadden, Tel: 0752 639 890.
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Drivers and Fireman from a Long Gone Age.

a crew for my GWR 517 at lastHaving finally, after over five years, succeeded in getting an engine completed and painted for myself that will stay here (517 No: 1475), I began hunting for a crew to man it.


Now, as anyone who reads these pages will know, I model the 1890 to 1905 period, which is not nearly as uncommon as one might think.


To my great surprise, suitable crew for the period were not to be had.


One day when discussing this with Dough Thomas, he suggested I approach Andrew  Stadden to see if would be prepared to produce some.  Well I did and he could.


So I provided Andrew a range of pictures of various stern, upright and hairy worthies astride their magnificent steeds from around the period.  He agreed to produce the masters for casting and add them to his range.  So, no high costs for specials.


In due course a few weeks later I got an E-mail to say they were ready and we agreed I'd collect them at the Bristol show (2011).


They are exquisitely cast in his usual fashion with separate arms so that a range of positions can be modelled.  I collected half a dozen sets and immediately handed them over to Ian Hopkins to assemble and paint them for me.


 Though fustian officially went out in the 1890's, a few crewmen were still using it so one of them is so adorned.

 six sets of crew al ready to go to work.These pictures show them off well and one set of crew, which includes the fustian jacketed fireman, at last brings my 517 to life.  Now I have crews it is time to make a start on some of the many locomotive projects on the stocks.


I suppose now I should start thinking about Guards!

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