7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by:
Scale Link, Farrington, DT11 8RA   +44(0) 1747 811817 
I rate this kit as: 3-3-5

Finished and Ready for Work.         PDF version 

finished barrow


Looking for a load to place in a wagon, I remembered this small kit for a GWR hand cart that has been lying around for a year or three.


Made by Scale Link it is a set of cast white metal parts, complete except for some wire to make the four stays required.  The parts were well cast with little flash.


barrow 1Nevertheless, a good deal of time was spent cleaning the parts up, especially the mold lines.  The parts fit well so I chose to glue them together with Loctite 408.


The instructions consist of an exploded diagram and some very brief notes.  However, they are enough to build the kit and paint it correctly.


Once the floor and two sides are fixed, ensuring that they are square, fitting the remainder of the parts was simple.


The stays were made up from nickel barrow 2silver wire 0.9mm for the leg stays and 0.6mm for the side stays.

A pleasant afternoon's work.

Now having had a trip to Ian's paint shop it is ready for use as you see from the large picture at the top.














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