7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Written by: Simon Bradley and Published by:
profile Books Limited, 3 Holford Yard, Bevin Way, LONDON, WC1X 9HD.  www.profilebooks.com 
Supplied by: Amazon

A New Look at the History of the Railways of Great Britain .

RailwaysClearly the author has carried out prodigies of research and read widely,  resulting in a very thorough examination of the impact that the railways had initially on the country and in the continuing decades up to the present day.  A work of great scholarship it is never-the-less extremely readable being by turns, factual, amusing, thought provoking and instructive.  History is rarely this enjoyable or accessible.


The author holds no preference for any particular aspect of railways, company or operator but examines humanely how the railways have affected the country, its people, politics, attitudes, industries and literature.  Not perhaps a book for one's bedside table because it is hard to put down again.


Well written, literate, illustrated and properly indexed it will stand as a good read in itself and as a valuable resource for the student of the railways and the enormous changes they wrought on society and the world.


Available as a hardback at £25 but currently to be had from Amazon at half price, and as an E Book.

















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