7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

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The Story of a Rebirth and More.

cover picture RailmotorThis book, available from the Great Western Society - £16.99 - charts the remarkable story of the renovation of an original steam railmotor, which is an enormous achievement.


It then goes on to give an excellent and well written account of the history of railmotors.


The author then goes on to show how they link in to todays rail system as the original precursors of the multiple units that we take for granted on today's railway system.


A fascinating book charting the reconstruction of one of the very first of them.


They were so successful in generating traffic that most railways had to return to push-pull working (which can still be considered a multiple unit) because the capacity of the railmotors was limited.


They were ahead of their time.


The picture accompanying the introduction shews six multiple units from the original Railmotor No: 93 to a brand new Class 172.


A book that should, I think, be on the shelves of anyone who follows things Great Western but also for those for whom social and engineering history is of interest.


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