7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

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History & Nostalgia.

cover picture Oswesty to Whitchurch - book reviewThis interesting little book deals - as many of these author's books - with the railway of Wales, especially in this case, the Cambrian.


I have always had a sneaking respect and liking for the Cambrian Railway.  It ran through some spectacular scenery, had some fearsome gradients and was loved by all who travelled it.


That includes me who, in my youth of so long ago, travelled from Ruabon, on the main line to Birkenhead, to Oswestry.


I find it almost inconceivable that today, such a line was allowed to be closed and the pictures, maps and captions in this book bear this out.


Railways as they were meant to be, serving a community that was, in many ways, cut-off from the main byways.

Definitely a trip down nostalgia street but what memories it evokes of times gone by, when to travel hopefully was often of greater importance than arriving.






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