7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Written by: Alan Platt Published by:
Allan Sutton Publishing, Brunswick Road, Gloucester.
Supplied by: Nigel Bird Books 

Fascinating & Well Researched Biography.

book cover. Daniel Gooch biogFor me, Gooch has been a somewhat shadowy figure.

Not nearly enough is written about him as a person in the various histories of the Great Western Railway I have read.


However, what was written indicated he was an unusual man.


This erudite, well researched and written book addresses in detail the life of this remarkable man and makes it very clear that his stature is on a par with Brunel and Saunders and, without him, the Great Western would not have been the great institution it became.


It has a good index and a large bibliography.


A book every student and admirer of the Great Western should have on his or her shelves.












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