7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

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Express Publishing, 37 Rhyd Fadog, Caernarvon, LL55 3HL. ISBN 9781901056181. Price £14.95. 80 pages, soft covers. 
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North Devon.

north devobnAnother informative and fascinating look at how British Railways performed their magic of the 'Summer Saturday' train service, (see also Operation Torbay) this time in North Devon.


So why am I, a dyed in the wool Great Western man reviewing this?


Aside from the fact that I have always had an interest in the 'gnarled fingers' it also demonstrates a rare instance of true cooperation between two ostensibly rival railways.


Their working together was not cast in the stone of running powers but in the real need to cooperate to provide a service and utilize their limited resources to best advantage of them all.


This is number 14, in the District Controller's View series and covers the Ilfracombe and Torrington lines for summer Saturdays in 1961.


For the modeller it should prove a rich seam of inspiration and valid excuse to run pacifics on two carriage trains and double head trains with GW and Southern steam combined.


A veritable mine of detailed information on how it was all done, including running goods trains in amongst all the expresses.

I found it utterly absorbing.

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