7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Written by: Colonel Mitchell H. Cobb (Late RE) FRICS MA Published by:
Ian Allan Publishing Ltd., Terminal House, Station Approach, Shepperton, TW17 8AS.
Supplied by: Nigel Bird Books

A Superb Work of Reference.

atalsA two volume, comprehensive, atlas of public, common carrier, railways from 1807 to 1994 in England and Scotland (not Ireland).


This is an impressive book, beautifully produced and very thoroughly indexed, which makes it a valuable reference source for the student of railway history.


The maps are at 1 inch to the mile and the railways are shewn as coloured lines on muted grey ordnance survey maps to illustrate how the railway fitted into its environment - or, where it has disappeared beneath macadam and buildings or been preserved privately.


There are separate indexes for stations, junctions, tunnels, water troughs, inclines and a miscellaneous section that includes, for instance, collieries, sidings, wharfs and mills.


The year of opening and closing is given for each line or section together with the names of its various owners. 


There are also a dozen pages of family trees of the railway companies, which I found interesting and very illuminating.


The kaleidoscope of lines in and around London has separate pages for the underground lines while places like Carlisle have larger scale inserts to shew the complexity of lines.


The good Colonel has clearly spent many years on what can only be described as a labour of love since it is unlikely to become a best seller.  Just as well then the book was privately financed.


Not cheap but a valuable reference book produced to very high standards and one I shall spend many happy hours studying.

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