7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Just Like The Real Thing
Not available at present but may resurface in due course.
I rate this kit as: 4-2-4

 No: 848 Ready for Action.                  PDF version

rebuilt and painted


In about 1996 I built this 517, (and, aside from the Jaimeson  Black 5 in the 1970's, the first thing in 7mm) which was based on one of the last to survive and this is how it was in about 1930.  For detailed account of how I built another 517 see No: 1475

chassis from the topIn 1999 it was commended in the Guildex competition.  It has variously been radio controlled and used with Infrared control but is currently awaiting fitting with chips for DCC.  However, it is an anachronism since the period modelled is now 1900.  Converting chassis undersideit is not an option so I shall probably sell it on to fund more pressing needs.






April 2010.

I have now sold this engine and it is here ready for delivery however, during its life so far it has been used for several different experiments and was beginning to look decidedly tired.  There were also a few bits that had begun to come adrift so I decided to strip it down, remove all the paint from the body, make repairs as necessary and then have Ian repaint it in clean, but well used condition.

refurbished ends view 1refurbished end view 2The above pictures are the result, as usual; Ian has made a great job of bringing it to life.  Ultimately, I had to make a new backhead and find new buffers and plates refurbished side view 2because, between us, Ian and I managed to lose the originals!  (They turned up about a year later among the parts for the Toplight.  All part of life's rich panoply I suppose.


It was a very enjoyable build and I learned a great deal about the detail necessary in 7mm models and also, how relatively easy it is to add such detail.  I would recommend this kit to anyone who has built a couple of etched brass wagons as a good starter.  Not as easy of one of Big Jim's kits perhaps (see LSWR G6 0-6-0) but never-the-less, an excellent first time build, provided one follows the instructions and takes one's time.


I eventually put the Arrow infrared control system into this locomotive after trying out radio control, you can see the results at Infrared.

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