7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.


An Annual 2 Day event.

I forget just how many Guildex I have attended but I have not missed one since I joined the Guild (I'd look it up but the relevant records are still packed away).   I never cease to be impressed by how well it is organized and the team responsible deserve all the plaudits we can throw at them.


Unlike so many exhibitions, Guildex is always so spacious that one can be forgiven for thinking that the place is empty.  Nevertheless, I spent a great deal of time talking with people whom I had not seen for a year or so but still managed to miss many.


With some 140 traders and over a dozen layouts there was much to see and a weekend is hardly time to do the whole thing justice.  I took time out on the Sunday to photograph some of the layouts.  The pictures that follow simply represent my own personal favourites (prejudices?) that caught my eye and imagination.

Apethorn Junction

apthorn 1apthorne 2apthorne 3apthorne 4A busy and interesting idea with an eclectic range of trains running.  They ran a quite intensive service and usually had a good crowd in attendance.  The first picture shows a train being reversed into the siding.  An excellent example of a combination of good track work and consistent standards for stock.

Aston Road

aston road














Mike William's evocative portrayal of Birmingham (my home town as it happens) in the 1950/60's was interesting. In the 1950's one could catch fish in locks such as this and I often did.     Back to Top

Barmouth Bridge

barmouth 1barmouth 2barmouth 3barmouth 4




What a magnificent piece of modelling this is, which allows an unprecedented (in my experience) opportunity to run trains from the 1900's to the present day.  The close up views of the girder work illustrates a high degree of craftsmanship. The last picture shows a train clearly breaking the speed limit!

barmouth 5
















caterbridge 1casterbridge 2casterbridge 3casterbridge 4casterbridge 5Based upon Dorchester LSWR it is interesting from an operational point of view since passenger trains in service really did reverse into the platform.



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Dainton Bank

dainton 1dainton 2dainton 3dainton 4dainton 5The first Guildex I ever attended featured a layout called 'Holiday Haunts' and I spent a great deal of time just watching the trains go by.  Dainton Bank is a worthy successor.




Weydon Road

weydon 1weydon 2weydon 3weydon 4The track work here looked very realistic, probably down to the fact it was designed using Templot, but then I'm biased!  However, I thought the lighting pillars at the front spoiled the view.

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