7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.


What Does the Guild Do?

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In 1956 a group of, then, young people founded the Gauge 0 Guild to try to breath life into what was fast becoming a moribund scale/gauge save for a few diehard scratch builders.


So successful were they at persuading manufacturers to support the scale that today we can put on three shows a year and expect over a hundred traders to attend.  There are thousands of products available for the kit and or scratch builder and now an ever growing range of ready to run products.  We owe much to that far sighted and determined group, many of whom, sadly, are no longer with us.  Today the organization boasts more than 5800 members spread over the world.


The Gazette.

We produce a 96 page, professional, full colour magazine called the Gazette, that is the envy of the model publishing world, four times a year.



Operate a large and growing website containing vast quantities of information and resources from a comprehensive list of all known traders and manufacturers to a complete, downloadable, archive of all the Gazettes the Guild has ever published; and now there is also a growing and searchable database of all the products available for 7mm modelling that we know about, in excess of 10,000 items.



Organize a two day exhibition and convention with an AGM, currently held in Telford every September, which attracts 150 traders routinely plus demonstrators, layouts and access to many other Guild functions.


Kettering & Doncaster shows.

Organize two 1 day exhibitions, one in Kettering each Spring and one in Halifax each Summer with traders and layouts, though the Northern show's venue will be changing.



Operate a thriving Web Forum where members can discuss a range of topics to do with all forms of 7mm scale modelling.



Publish a quarterly Newsletter with news of area groups, detail of forthcoming events and exhibitions and much more.



Publish a growing volume of technical data in the form of a Manual available as a printed book, which can also be searched via a web based version and the results downloaded to your computer.  It is currently being upgraded.


Bring & Buy.

All shows provide this facility for you to bring your own unwanted items for sale and buy from others.


Executor & Trustee Service.

Deceased members models and collections are sold on behalf of their beneficiaries.


Join Us

You can join the Guild today, on line, and start to benefit from the vast resource of knowledge and help available to aid your modelling and research.  Just go to this link Join the Guild.

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