7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Connoisseur Models, 1 Newton Cottages, WEOBLEY, HR4 8QX.
Tel: 01544 318 263    http://www.jimmcgeown.com
I rate this kit as: 4-3-4

An easy build.

finished view 1

finished view 2

Completed in Warren's paint shop, it still exhibits out of kilter springs holding the roof, they need to be adjusted so that the roof overhangs evenly at each end.  It went straight from the paint shop to the client so I did no have the opportunity to correct it.  Never-the-less, Warren has done a superb job.


This is a Jim McGeown kit and so guaranteed to go together properly, one of his pocket money kits that are designed to appeal to a wide audience since one can upgrade the kit if one wants.  My client did want and so I have replaced the buffers with some Midland pattern self contained.  I will be changing the vacuum pipes too for Slater's and the couplings will be CPL.


I suspect that this kit has been lying in a cupboard somewhere for a number of years since the instructions are much less comprehensive that those that accompany Jim's kits these days.  All the parts, and the generous allowance of wire, are taped to a piece of stout card, which arrives in a plastic bag along with the instruction booklet and a bag of castings, bearings, etc.

the parts.

Here are the major parts ready for assembly with as much work as possible having been done 'in the flat'. 

the body.

Here the body has been assembled in the usual way by soldering one end to each side and then, once checked for square, soldering the two halves together.  It makes up into a strong, square box


The couplings will be CPL with the hook firmly soldered solid.   The body will have a block of black foam inserted to disguise the fact that otherwise, one can see through the louvers.  In fact this did not get done or I forgot to put it in the box.



The basics for the underframe nearing completion.


The kit is designed for rigid suspension but I altered it to compensated by adding some strip between the spring/axlebox castings to take a WEP wagon compensation unit.  A little care in measurement and placing is required but not at all a difficult job.  The bases for the spring/axlebox needs a sizable chunk cutting out to allow the buffers to operate correctly; the castings are quite 'meaty' so this does not undermine their integrity.

part complete

The body is near to being complete now and the roof has its springs in place to hold it secure.  The next job on the roof will be fitting the oil lamps and torpedo ventilators that were fitted by the period modelled, about 1905ish.  By then too the door handles had changed to plain instead of the old fashioned D shaped ones that swiveled on their mount. 


The completed underside.  You can see where the spring castings needed a fairly large chunk cutting out at one end to allow the buffers fit and operate. 

Finsihed side view

finsihed end view




The finished end and side views, the roof is off centre so needs the springs adjusting, otherwise it is ready to go the painters.  Well that is, after I have fitted the ventilators I missed out!