7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

Manufactured by: Just Like The Real Thing,
Not available at present but may be in the future.
I rate this kit as: 0-0-0

Superb Moulding.

I have had this kit, part built, in the workshop since they were first introduced and long before I got the habit of photographing either the parts or the various stages of the build.  At the time I was still considering the 1930's as the period to model.  It is now a total anachronism since they were built at least ten years after my chosen period.  Nevertheless, they were very attractive coaches and, if I don't sell it, it will run occasionally just to see if anyone notices.


The kit comes in a massive box, far too big in my view to keep the finished model in and anyway, it deserves a proper wooden box.


The sides, ends, roof, corridor side, floor, seats and lavatory bowl and wash basin, (yes, it is fully kitted out) are made from resin.


There is then a wealth of detail in lost wax casting to cover just about every variety possible.  The bogies are complex, of which more anon.  The instructions are comprehensive and there is a good deal of historical data added from John Lewis.


They lasted a long time and well into BR's time. When first built, the early batches they were liveried in plain, lined, brown, so I chose that because it would probably be different from most that get built.

painted sides and corridor partitionPainting needs to be done prior to most of the construction of the body which is then glued together.  Here is as far as I got before being sidetracked some years ago: Yes, you are right, the lining is a different shade on each side, something I have only just noticed.     Back to Top


Between us, Ian and I managed to ruin one side and got a replacement from Pete Waterman, which Ian then painted, it would have been better had he had the other side to refer to.  It is entirely possible that no-one would notice since, once built, one cannot see both sides at once, but I shall have it done again.

the roofThe roof is removable, being fixed with long screws.

floor and underframe detailThe underframe is fitted with lots of castings and etched pieces unless building a later version with electric lighting, where the battery boxes are white metal.  All the parts fit properly and it all goes together very well.


end with corridor conectionThe corridor connectors have fully working bellows made from rubber, operating scissors and extend out far enough to touch the connector on the next coach.

compartments and fittings

There are four compartments in the Brake 3rd.  I added the luggage racks from the CPL range and used CPL printed seat covers to match the period.

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The bogies originally supplied are for the 8' American type but these were not fitted until after the Great War so I sent off for a set of the original bogies, GWR 9' Fishbelly.  They are acomplex piece of engineering designed so that each axle is sprung above the axles box.  Back to Top


To be continued